Careline Leg Bag

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The benefit of Careline Leg bag is as below:
- Optimal wearing comfort : The CareLine™ Leg Bag is anatomically cut and has a soft perspiration-absorbing fleece backing, thereby providing an optimal wearing comfort.

- Extendable : A bed bag can be connected at the bottom outlet without the need for an additional adapter. This day & night use of the CareLine™ leg bag increases the patient comfort and avoids the urine catheter having to be disconnected during the period of use

- Hygienic and safe: A one-way valve prevents the urine from flowing back into the catheter from the leg bag, thereby preventing ascending infections. The push-pull valve enables the urine to drain safely with as little dripping as possible.

The tube in the 50 cm version can be shortened as required, the connector is included
Material: medical PVC, Latex-free
Lever tap

Recommended duration of use
It is recommended that the CareLine™ leg bag is changed every 5-7 days.

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